Tarot Cards – The Magician

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Affirmation: ‘I have all that I need to accomplish my goals; I do not have to follow a path that is not true to me.’

Ruling Planet: Mercury – planet of communication, study and speedy movement.

Ruling Zodiac: Virgo & Gemini

Kabbalistic Letter: Beth

Path on the Tree of Life: Kether (Crown) to Binah (Understanding), Second Path

Stones: Fire Opal & Garnet

Key words: Resources, manifestation, action

Image: A man stands in a courtyard, demonstrating his conjuring ability to passers-by. His is the gift of the gab, to keep people interested in what he is saying long enough to get them interested in what he is doing. On the table in front of him we see various artifacts which are part of his stock-in-trade. In particular, a Coin or Pentacle, representing Earth, a Cup for Water, a Wand for Fire and a Sword for Air. Each of the four elements is at his command. He can move from one state of being to another. He moves easily in different worlds and probably has friends from many different walks of life. He holds one arm upraised while the other points down to the ground, symbolizing the bringing down of spiritual power into the material world. ‘As above, so below.’


‘Step right this way, hurry, hurry, hurry! Come and see what I have to offer you today! I am the Magician, and I am the epitome of all salesmen and advertising people. OK, so yesterday wasn’t so brilliant and today’s not even special, but tomorrow is going to be golden! I represent the advertiser’s dream, which is that the future is always going to be better than the past. I am the symbol of communication and without me you can’t sell what you’ve made, you can’t even talk to one another about your feelings! The ancient Romans worshipped me in the form of Mercury and invoked me whenever they wanted to improve their trade – or just get a message from one part of the Empire to another. I command travel as well and rule over all forms of transportation, especially by air. Be careful, not everything that I suggest you’ll be able to take as gospel. In my negative aspect I can sweet-talk little old ladies out of their life savings and then just vanish! Now you see me, now you don’t! Well, at least I’ll take the initiative and chance my arm! Why don’t you? You might come out lucky!’

Divination Meaning:

In this card you are shown possessing great power, as if a great force were flowing through you, coming in from some higher plane of inspiration and manifesting more fully in your everyday life as energy, action and power. Quite possibly you haven’t got yourself fully connected to this great force – as yet. The Magician is here to show you how to! This card looks at the role of communication, especially to a much wider audience than that to which you are used. You are being described in this card as an intermediary, as if you are in some way the representative of a message which is flowing in from outside and beyond yourself, into action. This card talks of learning, teaching and intellectual knowledge. It is in these areas, this card is saying, that your next stage of growth is likely. You may well find yourself in the role of teaching, or of learning from others, or both! The Magician is saying that in the coming period you will be using your knowledge to influence the minds of others. There may even be very specific points of contact between you and those in the advertising industry, media or other branches of the communication industry. The Magician represents the principle of reason; of thinking things through; of talking with others and consulting them on their viewpoints. He likes libraries, which to him are symbols of tremendous work done by mighty minds. He is able to look at a book and know just how much work has gone into it, how many years of collecting data, collating it, digesting it and then displaying it so that someone else can share in that knowledge. He likes to visit laboratories, where he can give hints as to how new life-saving discoveries can be made, which will help humanity wipe out diseases such as typhoid, smallpox, syphilis and leprosy. He is helpful to those who wish to roll back the borders of human knowledge. All explorers know something of him. All discoverers, too. He is master of communication and can speak all languages. He rules over all education, by which means alone we are rendered fit members of society. Negative aspects of him are shown in mythology when he appears a Loki, the trickster, or as a deceiver or beguiler in some way. Negative aspects of him in life are the confidence trickster, the card sharp, the loan shark. Even more negative would be when he invents something like a new disease or drugs with horrendous side-effects. The Magician is also master of travel. The Greeks and Romans venerated him as Hermes and Mercury respectively. One of his most important attributes was that of ruling over trade, travel and commerce. His assistance was always invoked at the beginning of any major journey or transaction. What could you be doing in your life to continue your education? Why not get along to your local library – maybe you haven’t been there for some time! Take time out to learn that language you always wanted to brush up on. On another level, what messages are you sending out to others at this time? Are you sure that the messages you are actually sending are the ones that you intend? If not, this could lead to some confusion between you and others, could it not? How could you then ensure that you are going to be better understood? Similarly, how sure are you that you are reading other people’s signals properly? For example, do you know about body language, about all of the physical signals which people give off, without any words ever being spoken? Can you tell when someone really likes you and when they don’t? Or when they are telling you the truth and when they aren’t? This could be something else for you to learn, couldn’t it?


A pointer towards increasing your communication with others. Tell them, don’t just keep it to yourself. You can’t assume that they know what you’re thinking, what it is that you want. A pointer towards any kind of study or learning. Teaching of one kind or another is shown here, maybe in a formal setting or otherwise. Thinking of travelling? Why not? What’s holding you back?

Reversed Meaning:

In reverse, the Magician signifies that your flow has become blocked. There are projects you dream of that just aren’t working out. It might not be your fault, so look at the cards that appear around the Magician in reverse to find clues to this issue. An upturned card means that the querent may be suffering or will experience weakness, lack of willpower, insecurity, and hindrance in the flow of creative energies. It may also mean that the querent engages in manipulative and deceptive ways of dealing with other people.


Advertisers, salesmen, promoters. Gamblers, financiers, risktakers of any kinds. International relations, translators. Good communicators, teachers, assiduous students.


Initiative, good teaching. Order, everything defined and labelled. Research well done. Reasonable, truthful, dispassionate. Thorough.


Tricksters, conmen. Lies, half-truths. Able to justify anything.

Numerology with The Magician

The Meaning of 1

The Number 1 is said to represent new beginnings, taking initiatives, and finding a simple sense of completion. It is a number fulfilled in itself, and it has its own internal balance that doesn’t depend on anything else. 1 demonstrates the promise of something good coming, and it also relates to one’s powers of manifestation.