Tarot Cards – The Minor Arcana

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The Minor Arcana reveals mostly the stages of events and everyday happenings. These cards display ordinary people engaged in insignificant activities like sleeping, drinking, quarreling, dancing, and many more. Notice how human behaviors trigger these actions. They appear during gentle transitions that can be temporary and have minimal effects on the life of the individual. The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards meanings signify events that naturally happen relative to the law of human nature. Cards included in the Minor Arcana describe people, events, and situations that we encounter while we are going through our journey in life. They signify events that are within our control and indicate what we must do. The Minor Arcana contains these Court Cards: The Page, Knight, King & Queen.

These cards serve as a bridge linking the Major and Minor Arcana by describing various archetypal personal types. The Ace card indicates the beginning while number 10 marked the end. Similarly, the numbering of the court cards represents our understanding of situations in an individual reflecting either personality types or the actual person.